Tana Guilavogu

Concasseur Hamdallaye


I am married with 4 children, and i have being working as a driver since 1997, which i worked for Areeba, Intercel, and sheraton Grand Conakry as Executive officer driver for the past five years.

I am hard working and also ready to learn new things especially when opportunity is given to me. I also manage stress especially at work, and always ready to do extra hours when the need arises.




Zorzor Central high school in the Republic of Liberia.

In 1989 i was a nine grade student and also sat to the national exam to be promoted to grade ten before the war drove us. During that time i was also a goal keeper the School Foot ball team.


Driving lincese

Auto Ecole DEBO in Taouah Conakry.

In Auto Ecole DEBO in conakry, i did both theory and practical driving. Tested and I came out as a professional driver because of my performance.




16 septembre 2016 - 20 décembre 2021
Hotel Sheraton Grand Conakry

From 2016 September 16, i have been working as driver for both the guests and General Manager, and later promoted as Executive officer driver. i have been in charge of taking kilometers for all Sheraton Vehicules and fueling all vehicules. I was also responsible for distributing invoices to companies and embassies. At the same time in charge of taking money to the bank Bicigui and also collecting cheques from differents institution on behalf of the Finance and Sales and Marketing department of Sheraton Grand Conakry. I was also in charge of driving the executive members of Sheraton Grand Conakry,especially the General Manager at all time. I also toke experts from the Air port of Gbesia to the Hotel and including guests of all nationalities. I gave monthly report of fuel consumptions reports of all vehicules at the end of every month closing in Finance department.



Intercel Guinee

I was a driver for marketing department. I was a long distance driver for publicities in different regions, towns, and villagers within Guinea, doing publicity. I also drove personnels from other department like engineers, HRM personnels and expatriates as well.